Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Time for some PE

One of the core subjects we need to cover as part of our Homeschooling.

The boys are always really active. Every chance they get they are outside running around, climbing trees or riding their scooters around.

 photo DSCF6110_zpskhganlfz.jpg
We live just a block away from the local football oval. E&E love to take their bikes over there and ride around. The 16th of July was a glorious day. We'd had a few days of rain and the kids were feeling a little housebound. So we grabbed the bikes and headed to the oval.

 photo DSCF6111_zpswf1ynbue.jpg
We wanted to take the footy to kick but it was flat and we couldn't fine the needle for the pump.

 photo DSCF6112_zpsgq0vj0vv.jpg 
After a few laps. Eli decided he wanted to run, helmet and all. he ran just about all the way around, with just a little walking break about half way.

 photo DSCF6113_zpsbrc28oji.jpg
Here is Ethan cheering him on as he finishes his lap.

E&E just loved getting out in the sunshine and really want to do this each week. Which of course we'll oblige, mixing up the activities a little as we go along.

Take  Care
Becci xx

Monday, 27 July 2015

A Family Picnic .....

This last weekend we decided to get the kids out of the house and go for a drive.
We bought some BBQ picnic supplies and headed into the Adelaide hills.

 photo DSCF6114_zps4mhcdjwg.jpg
We found this lovely spot at Bridgewater.

  photo DSCF6115_zpsp2nwnbio.jpg
There is a lovely little playground, nice, although very slow, BBQ's, tables and a little creek running through. Public toilets are right there too and there is a Coles across the road if you need supplies.

 photo DSCF6116_zps3pzhnwlq.jpg It's right next to the Old Bridgewater Mill too. We had a look at it, talked about the waterwheel, energy and read the history that was posted on a board out front. The Mill is now a cafe/restaurant that seemed very popular.

Once we started the BBQ we were joined by about 20 hikers who were stopping for a packed lunch and then heading to Mylor along the Heysen Trail.

We discussed a little bit about the Heysen Trail with the boys. But did realise that I need to research more about this and plan a unit on it in the future.

We could see the weather coming in, so packed up quickly and only just got in the car before it poured down.

We headed for Lenswood, to our favourite apple supplier. They have apples for sale via an honesty box in a fridge at the side of their packing sheds.
We talked about the difference in the trees now, compared to when we went back in March when they were picking, how they are pruned etc.

We noticed lots of blossom on the almond and cherry trees and discussed what blossom is, how fruit grows from them, and that we believe the Almond Blossom Festival might be next weekend as it's usually around the time of Ethans birthday.

Afterwards we decided to head up to where the Samspon Flat Bushfire area to see if there was any regrowth. We last visited back in March, about a week or so after the fires were extinguished.

 photo DSCF6119_zpszc1j4zwz.jpg
The boys were surprised to notice how the native gum trees had lots of new growth up the sides of the trunks on the tree and that the pines did not.

 photo DSCF6123_zpsd50u1cd7.jpg
We talked about how Australian native trees have adapted over many, many years to survive bushfires but that pine trees aren't native and do no cope with bushfires at all.

We then wound our way back home after a lovely, fun, educational family outing.

3 Months On....

Three months ago today we started our Homeschool life.

Our new life started not by choice but from necessity. Ethan (6yo) and Eli (5yo) were both having difficulties with their anxiety at school. Unfortunately for them instead of them being quite and withdrawn with their anxiety, they would lash out and cause disruption in class.
This, of course, wasn't tolerated at school and resulted in many suspensions.

The school did try many things, but due to lack of funding and logistics they weren't able to provide what was needed for our boys.

But we could.

We didn't choose to Homeschool lightly. In fact it was a decision a year in the making.

I didn't think I could handle dealing with the boys difficult behaviours 24/7.

In the end dealing with the fall out of school life was becoming impossible. I was in tears every.single.day. I couldn't cope with it any longer and the boys were spending less and less time at school, running the risk of 'falling behind'.
The school was demanding that I give the kids school work at home and isolate them from the family.

There was no way I was going to isolate my already anxious children!

But I could educate them.
If I was going to be educating them nearly everyday then I will do it on my own terms.

So here we are.

The first few weeks were hard. We did spend a month (accumulation of public holidays, suspensions and school holidays) doing no school what.so.ever. Many term this deschooling. But gaining the kids trust when it came to educating was tough. They wanted so badly to learn but had come to hate learning.
We got there though and the last few weeks were quite productive.
We have all learnt more about how each other works, our strengths and weaknesses, and how best to work our day to be the most productive.

This blog is mostly a way for me to record outings and experiences that are hard to document other wise. A journal if you will.

Take Care
Becci xx