Monday, 27 July 2015

3 Months On....

Three months ago today we started our Homeschool life.

Our new life started not by choice but from necessity. Ethan (6yo) and Eli (5yo) were both having difficulties with their anxiety at school. Unfortunately for them instead of them being quite and withdrawn with their anxiety, they would lash out and cause disruption in class.
This, of course, wasn't tolerated at school and resulted in many suspensions.

The school did try many things, but due to lack of funding and logistics they weren't able to provide what was needed for our boys.

But we could.

We didn't choose to Homeschool lightly. In fact it was a decision a year in the making.

I didn't think I could handle dealing with the boys difficult behaviours 24/7.

In the end dealing with the fall out of school life was becoming impossible. I was in tears I couldn't cope with it any longer and the boys were spending less and less time at school, running the risk of 'falling behind'.
The school was demanding that I give the kids school work at home and isolate them from the family.

There was no way I was going to isolate my already anxious children!

But I could educate them.
If I was going to be educating them nearly everyday then I will do it on my own terms.

So here we are.

The first few weeks were hard. We did spend a month (accumulation of public holidays, suspensions and school holidays) doing no school Many term this deschooling. But gaining the kids trust when it came to educating was tough. They wanted so badly to learn but had come to hate learning.
We got there though and the last few weeks were quite productive.
We have all learnt more about how each other works, our strengths and weaknesses, and how best to work our day to be the most productive.

This blog is mostly a way for me to record outings and experiences that are hard to document other wise. A journal if you will.

Take Care
Becci xx

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