Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Time for some PE

One of the core subjects we need to cover as part of our Homeschooling.

The boys are always really active. Every chance they get they are outside running around, climbing trees or riding their scooters around.

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We live just a block away from the local football oval. E&E love to take their bikes over there and ride around. The 16th of July was a glorious day. We'd had a few days of rain and the kids were feeling a little housebound. So we grabbed the bikes and headed to the oval.

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We wanted to take the footy to kick but it was flat and we couldn't fine the needle for the pump.

 photo DSCF6112_zpsgq0vj0vv.jpg 
After a few laps. Eli decided he wanted to run, helmet and all. he ran just about all the way around, with just a little walking break about half way.

 photo DSCF6113_zpsbrc28oji.jpg
Here is Ethan cheering him on as he finishes his lap.

E&E just loved getting out in the sunshine and really want to do this each week. Which of course we'll oblige, mixing up the activities a little as we go along.

Take  Care
Becci xx

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