Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Homeschool meet at Bashams

Last Tuesday, 18th August, our scheduled Homeschool meet was to be at Bashams Beach for a spot of Whale Watching.
Usually we travel up to an hour for our meets but this one was local to us, bonus!

Was a cold blustery day and unfortunately there weren't any whales around. There was apparently earlier in the morning but we missed them.

Never fear the kids had a great time anyway.

Despite being told not to go in the water, Ethan ended up drenched. We should have known better really. Brian ducked home and grabbed him a change of clothes and one for Eli in case he needed it. He was ok though. He doesn't like waves much so steered clear of the shore line.

We had a great turn out which was lovely. Forgot to get more photos of everyone though.

The kids built sandcastles, played in the scrub and explored the rockpools.

After many of the people we went we went with another family exploring the rockpools.

Ethan and their lad Jonah had become quite good friends which is just awesome!

 photo DSCF6157_zpsyvbjonzx.jpg 

 photo DSCF6156_zpskf4bcjw3.jpg 

 photo DSCF6161_zpsndpz49d7.jpg 

 photo DSCF6160_zps1cjtuzug.jpg

Such a fabulous day! Can't wait for next weeks meet. The boys get to try raw milk for the first time!

Take Care
Becci xx

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Morning Wonders

Today is our fortnightly Homeschool meet. Usually we need to travel up to and hour away but this week we are meeting at Bashams Beach, just 5 minutes down the road, for a spot of whale watching.
So our morning can be a little more relaxed.

I was woken by lots of laughter just outside our bedroom. I went to investigate and found the boys reading these awesome poetry books.

 photo DSCF6153_zpsazhbrljp.jpg
The big books were Randalls as a little one, the smaller versions I picked up fro $2 at Ned's recently

Kids, boys even, reading poetry, before breakfast? What's going on?

Surely they should be fighting over the tv, having mum get grumpy at them because they aren't getting ready fast enough, and just generally dragging their feet?

Yes that was what our mornings used to look like, and sometimes does still if we have to be somewhere early, but one of the joys of homeschooling is we can take our time to get into our day, which means we can enjoy our day more, the kids will absorb information far easier and we can all wonder in ourselves harmoniously.

 photo DSCF6152_zpsns8ra7nk.jpg
Then the doorbell rang and it was the Parcel delivery lady with our latest Scholastic order. I love Scholastic. In our order were a couple of sets of magnetic tangrams. My boys love tangrams and these were a bargain at just $5 each set (transport and zoo animals).

 photo DSCF6151_zpssihs2xgf.jpg 
The sun by Ethan

 photo DSCF6150_zpsbzgciwo9.jpg
A butterfly by Ethan

We need to get our butts moving shortly so we are ready in time to head out, but for now the boys can play and learn.

Maths and Poetry before breakfast! By choice! How amazing!

Take Care
Becci xx